Kenya@50: Kidero to Launch Traffic Cameras.

Updated: December 3, 2013

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero is set to launch the much anticipated traffic cameras during the Kenya@50 celebrations scheduled to begin on December 11.

The cameras are expected to ensure the strict observance of traffic laws and that any one who breaks any of the laws is held accountable.

According to the Nairobi City County Executive Committee member in charge of Roads, Public works and Transport Evans Ondieki, the cameras will capture registration numbers of offenders’ vehicles and photograph their faces which will then be relayed to the server room situated at the county headquarters.

“Our CCTV system captures the photograph. That is why if you jump the lights, there is a flash light that comes on and that enables the cameras to capture your face properly. We will get the vehicle and the camera will indicate the time,” he said.

He pointed out that preparations are at an advanced stage and that a four way relay which had been the only aspect missing is now in the process of being installed. “The law is focusing on the person who is in control of the vehicle at that time. That is why the CCTV indicates the time, place and the vehicle in the photo. So we are able to link the driver with the movement of the vehicle at that time, at that place,” he stated.

“Everything is ready except that there is an equipment that synchronizes all that information to our server down here at City Hall. That is the only thing that had not been completed by the contractor but I think that they are working on it.”

The initiative which will end the direction of traffic by police at roundabouts and junctions will see a warrant of arrest being subsequently issued based on a record of the transgressions committed. The cameras will operate for 24 hours a day all days - even on public holidays - and motorists have been urged to learn traffic regulations and strive to obey them.

The project will further be rolled out within Nairobi estates to curb the rising cases of insecurity. The Nairobi City County is in the meantime set to launch a dog unit on December 9 as part of its initiative to improve security within Nairobi. Ondieki explained that the pilot programme which will involve six dogs will be rolled out for patrols along areas identified as hotspots for mugging and other crime.

Speaking to Capital FM News, Ondieki described this as part of the initiative to make Nairobi County a safe haven for doing business. “We are going to create walking corridors like on Ronald Ngala Street, Tom Mboya Street including River Road and Kirinyaga road.”

One of the contracted dog handlers Bernard Ojwang stated that the dogs have been trained extensively to be alert to situations which might cause insecurity.

“There are levels where we are failing and this is where we involve dogs. They hear what we cannot hear and very vividly. They are also able to separate between a suspect noise and a normal one. For example, they are able to detect someone who is walking around with a wrong intention,” he said.


Image Credit: CapitalFM


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