Road Users Are Urged To Be Extra Careful On The Roads

Updated: December 17, 2013

Matatu Owners Association has urged road users to be extra careful on the roads to reduce accidents during this festive season.

While noting that road carnage has increased at an alarming rate all over the country, the MOA Coast Coordinator Salim Mbarak Salim has asked buses, matatus, tuk tuk operators and private car users to avoid overloading, overlapping, over speeding and to check their vehicles conditions before traveling.

Salim urged the traffic department to put in place strict safety measures to escalate accidents and those road users who flout traffic rules should be taken to court and be charged.

He added that the public should also adhere to traffic rules and should not let operators exploit them to make quick money in the name of festivities.

He asked the law enforcers to conduct massive checks on major highways and crackdown vehicles contravening traffic rules emphasizing on careless and reckless drivers.

“Many innocent Kenyans have lost their lives since the festive season began due to careless driving and drunken drivers; something we want to eliminate in the matatu industry,” he said.

He advised public service vehicles and long distance drivers to take ample rest while at work instead of chewing miraa to keep them awake especially for long distance drivers. He said chewing of miraa does more harm than good and will make fatigue drivers end up sleeping on the wheel.

“Road safety campaigns must be introduced after every three months countrywide to educate the public and operators on safety tips when using roads,” he emphasized. Salim asked the traffic department to use the alcometer to curb down the increase in cases of drunken driving.


News Source: theSTAR

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